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Teaching Early Writing To ESL/EFL Learners

teaching early writing to ESL/EFL learners

If you want to get a valuable resource for teaching early writing, a practical guide to teaching writing in the primary stage is now available.

What Is It And What Does It Include?

It is a step-by-step guide for EFL teachers in teaching early writing in the early grades.

Starting by showing teachers how to teach the basics of handwriting, it goes on to give them valuable guidelines to teaching the three types of writing, controlled, guided, and free.

In conclusion, it shows teachers how to teach paragraphs, letters, and email writing with guiding lesson plans, and, some useful prewriting activities are included with step-by-step instructions to do them with students.

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In this book, I give teachers step-by-step instructions to teach the basics of handwriting and writing freely for communicating and giving meaning showing them (with model lesson plans) how to teach paragraph, letter, and email writing.

Prewriting activities are very important. As a result, I included some of them. And I showed teachers how to do them with students in the classroom.

After Finishing the Reading of This Book, Teachers Will Be Able to:

  • Recognize the four writing levels and the knowledge and skills students need to master each level.
  • Make students familiar with the shapes of the letters by doing some activities.
  • Teach the five components of English handwriting.
  • Recognize types of writing activities and how to do each type.
  • Do some motivating prewriting activates with students, step-by-step.
  • Use the process approach to teaching early writing.
  • Teaching paragraph writing using the process writing approach.
  • Teach letter writing with a guiding lesson plan.
  • Teach email writing with a guiding lesson plan.

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Teaching The Writing Process To ESL/EFL Learners

teaching the writing process to ESL/EFL learners

Students’ Belief

Many students have a belief that it’s too difficult for them to write in a foreign language, so they try to avoid writing activities and some students may be discouraged to write, that’s why I’ve created this guide.

A Practical Guide To The Writing Process

It is a practical guide to teaching the five stages of the writing process in the classroom. It is for all teachers whether those who are getting started to teach writing classes or those who have some experience in teaching writing in the classroom.

And, for those who are struggling to teach writing in the classroom, this eBook will help you!

This eBook Tackles The Following Topics:

  • Types of writing activities.
  • Building a community before teaching the writing process.
  • Illustrating and modeling the writing process in the classroom.
  • Pre-writing stage: Activities and how to do them with students. 
  • Drafting stage: What to do during it.
  • Conferencing & revising stage: Model conference questions, a model and example for the revision phase.
  • Editing stage: Ideas, symbols, and checklists.
  • Publishing stage: Ways and examples for publishing a writing piece.
  • Final guidelines for the writing class.  

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