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What’s Good For Teachers Staying at Home?

Basically, I was thinking about a lot of teachers of English who are staying at home and trying to learn and develop professionally.

I thought it would be good if I collect links to valuable online resources for them so that they can continue learning and developing.    

The Case of Most Teachers Nowadays

I know there is a lot of interest in online learning nowadays. Every teacher is scrambling to figure out how to learn and teach online.

As a teacher, you’re probably now overwhelmed with a lot of emails including links to resources for how to work from home. I think that nearly every teacher is in the same boat.

Why Is This Guide The Solution?

That’s why I have launched my new resource guide that every teacher can use to improve their English level and their teaching practices at the same time.

In this guide, I provide the teachers of English with a lot of links that they can follow to raise their English level and improve their teaching practices.

Teachers can always rely on this resource guide when they’re stuck. Resources provided in the guide are the best that the teachers can always access while staying healthy at home.

This guide is full of all the links you should follow if you are looking to improve your English level and your teaching practices.

This resource guide includes a lot of workable links to useful websites, YouTube videos, and other valuable online resources.

What Does This Guide Cover?

All online teachers need this guide so that they will learn more about:

  • Their English language level (links to the best placement tests).
  • The best apps for language learning.
  • Links to resources to improve their English levels.
  • How to practice speaking English with native speakers.
  • Methods and approaches to teaching English.
  • Lesson planning and assessment.
  • How to teach English to young learners.
  • How to teach the four English skills; reading, listening, speaking, and writing.
  • Valuable resources for teaching English for academic purposes and business.
  • Using visual aids and technology in teaching English.

Two Main Aims to Achieve With This Guide

I’ve worked so hard to collect updated links to valuable resources for online teachers to achieve two main aims:

  • Improving their English language level.
  • Learning more about effective English teaching practices.

All these resources are available online for free and you can always access them while staying comfortable and healthy at home.

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