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The Ultimate Guide To Using Good Stories In Teaching English To Young Learners

Teaching English to young learners through stories

Why Are Storybooks Widely Used in TEYL?

In Teaching English to Young Learners (TEYL), most teachers use storybooks for a number of purposes, e.g. pleasure, fun, learning how to read, and language learning.

When Will Storybooks Be of Special Value in TEYL?

Not all storybooks are good for language learning. So, it is imperative that you choose the best ones that can offer language learning opportunities and develop other skills along the way.

When you choose the right storybooks, apply the right strategies, and children do the story-based activities effectively, the stories will be of special pedagogical value for foreign language learning. In this case, the children will be able to achieve the learning objectives with ease and comfort. Moreover, young learners will enjoy learning the language. So, there should be a plan to use stories perfectly within English classes.

What Can You Get From This eBook?

That’s why I’ve created this eBook. From this book teachers can get all the practical information that will guide them mainly to:

  • Selecting good stories to use with young learners.
  • Applying the right strategies for using stories to teach English to young learners.
  • Following the right steps when reading stories aloud to young learners.

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