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Teaching Speaking To EFL Learners

teaching speaking to esl/efl learners

The Phenomenon Prevailing in EFL Classes

“Mute English learners” is a phenomenon prevailing in Many EFL classes. These kinds of learners are not low achievers. They may be able to read and write English well. But as a result of many EFL teachers neglecting to teach or promote speaking skills in the class, students find it great difficult to speak. And some of them are reluctant to participate in speaking activities. Consequently, they became unable to communicate in English orally with ease and comfort.

The Importance of Speaking Skills

Of all the four skills, speaking seems to be the most important language skill. Students who speak well can communicate well both orally and in writing. And good speakers always prove that they are good listeners and readers.

However, teaching and developing EFL learners’ speaking skills is a real challenge for many EFL teachers.

What Does The Book Include?

Drawing on the above considerations and in order to show EFL teachers how to teach their students to speak in the best way possible, I’ve created this eBook.

I included in it:

  • Enough practical activities (which can be applied in EFL classes easily) to promote students’ speaking.
  • Some suggestions to overcome the problem of students’ reluctance to speak in the classroom.
  • The most important characteristics of spoken English that a teacher should be aware of to support in his/her students’ speech.

And I tackled, in brief, some important points to consider when assessing students’ speaking in the classroom.

I’ve created this eBook to highlight the importance of teaching and developing students’ speaking skills during each EFL class. I also wanted to help teachers to do so with a range of speaking activities. These activities can be applied in the classroom so that students can speak in the best way possible.

After Reading This Book, Teachers Will Be Able to:

  • Define speaking and teaching speaking.
  • Recognize the main characteristics of spoken language.
  • Motivate learners to speak in EFL classes.
  • Recognize the stages of teaching speaking.
  • Do some effective brainstorming activities before teaching speaking.
  • Teach language functions using practical steps.
  • Recognize the four types of speaking activities.

Most importantly, this book includes several activities that can be adapted and used by the teacher in EFL classes to promote their students’ speaking skills.

If you want to overcome the problem of students’ reluctance to speak in the classroom and achieve success with your students in the journey of teaching speaking and developing speaking skills in your students, this eBook will help you FOR SURE.

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