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Teaching Reading Comprehension To ESL/EFL Learners

guide to teaching reading comprehension

Reading Comprehension To ESL/EFL Learners

If you want to know how to teach reading comprehension to ESL/EFL learners and want practical tips to follow in the classroom, you can get this eBook.

It includes many benefits especially for ESL/EFL teachers who search for practical steps that engage their students in reading and produce positive results.

The Main Ideas Tackled In This eBook Are:

  • The nature of reading comprehension.
  • What should you do before starting a reading lesson?
  • Reading comprehension strategies and activities.
  • The way to work with a reading text.
  • Planning a reading lesson (with a model reading lesson plan).
  • How to develop your students’ reading comprehension so that they will be efficient & advanced.

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Teaching Beginning Reading To ESL/EFL Learners

teaching beginning reading

Emphasis on Developing Reading Skills In Primary Schools

Students who fail at reading in English are unlikely to do well in English exams at school. So all ESL/EFL teachers in primary schools place much emphasis on developing the reading skills of their learners.

ESL/EFL teachers in primary schools are constantly searching for effective techniques that can help them produce effective results related to getting their students to read in English as quickly as possible. That’s why I’ve decided to create this eBook.

It is a practical guide for ESL/EFL teachers to teaching beginning reading and getting their students to read in English easily and quickly.

Want to Learn How to Teach Beginning Reading?

Know The Techniques, Guidelines & The Reading Tasks

It is one of my featured ebooks in which I exchange my experience with the teachers on the techniques they should use in the classroom, the guidelines they should follow, and the reading tasks that can get most children to read in ESL/EFL classes with ease and in a fairly short time.

The Main Ideas Included In The Book

  • What is reading?
  • The main approaches to teaching beginning reading.
  • The stages of teaching beginning reading.
  • Sample activities for beginning reading.
  • Guidelines before beginning to teach reading in ESL/EFL.

Step-By-Step Guide For Both Teachers & Parents

I offer this step-by-step eBook guide not only for ESL/EFL teachers but also for parents to help them get their children to read in English easily and in a short time.

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