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Redefining Your TEFL Using Brain-Based Learning

Alone In A Room Imagine that you are alone in a room with nothing to do.  No cell phone, no book to read or TV to watch, no other people to talk to. Just you and your thoughts for 15 minutes. How will you feel? How much can your brain tolerate? How long can you endure this […]

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Free ELT Publications Teach Grammar

EFL Grammar Teaching Guide

What Does This Guide Include? This is a guide to presenting and practicing grammar in ESL/EFL classes. This Guide Will Tell You: What ELT grammar is. The importance of teaching grammar. Methods of presenting grammar. Methods of practicing grammar. You must subscribe to my email list to get this guide for FREE Subscribe to My […]

Free ELT Publications Teach Listening

ELT Listening Skill Guide

This is a guide to teaching a listening lesson This Guide Covers the Following Topics: What is listening? Why do we teach listening? Factors affecting listening. The two types of cognitive processing that occur while listening. Tips to select and follow good listening activities and techniques. Main purposes of listening. Main listening comprehension skills. How to […]