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The Quick Guide To Classroom Management

the quick guide to classroom management

Classroom Is More Important For Novice Teachers

In most training courses for EFL teachers, Classroom management receives little attention when compared with more general aspects of the methodology.

Research shows that classroom management is more important than subject knowledge, especially for novice teachers.

As a teacher, if you cannot have control over your classroom, you will not be able to teach anything.

This Is The Guide Every Novice Teacher Needs

That’s why I have decided to prepare a guidebook on classroom management for teachers.

It is a quick and simple classroom management guide of the type that teachers can keep in their pockets. They cannot teach without.

The Benefits From The Book

Firstly, deciding to get this book will give you the following benefits:

  • Finding more time to teach.
  • Having more effectiveness in the classroom.
  • Achieving successful management in every class you teach.

Secondly, reading this book will enable you to overcome any teaching situation you may face. e.g.

  • Teaching large classes,
  • Teaching mixed-level students,
  • Having some hyperactive students,
  • Correcting students’ errors, … etc.

Thirdly, and most importantly, this book helps you have the students well-managed, well-behaved, and focused on learning.

Get The Book Now