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Teacher’s Online Resource Guide

online resources for EFL teachers
What’s Good For Teachers Staying at Home? Basically, I was thinking about a lot of teachers of English who are staying at home and trying to learn and develop professionally. I thought it would be good if I collect links to valuable online resources for them so that...
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The Quick Guide To Classroom Management

the quick guide to classroom management
Classroom Is More Important For Novice Teachers In most training courses for EFL teachers, Classroom management receives little attention when compared with more general aspects of the methodology. Research shows that classroom management is more important than subject knowledge, especially for novice teachers. As a teacher, if you...
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Getting Students Engaged In EFL Classes

Activities to keep students engaged in EFL classes
Why Is Active Learning Encouraged? Many teachers think that students learn while listening to their explanations in the classroom. Students may store new information for a short time. But they will not store this information in the long-term memory until they do something with it. Within this context,...
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