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Writing Effective Test Items: The Definitive Guide

developing good test items

Difficult Job

It is not easy to construct a good test to measure what you want. Writing good effective test items is a difficult job as it needs much practice and experience and there are many things to be considered to create good test items.

A Valuable Resource

With this challenge in mind, I’ve created: “Writing Effective Test Items: The Definitive Guide” which is a valuable resource for any teacher interested in constructing effective test items that can capture effectively what a student knows.

Moreover, with this definitive guide, teachers will be able to avoid any pitfalls in the testing of their students.

A Practical Guide

It is a practical guide to constructing effective test questions. It provides teachers with step-by-step instructions they need to go deeper, further, and faster toward making a success in preparing effective classroom exams with ease and comfort.

All Teachers Need It

I’ve created this eBook because many teachers asked me frequently for it: a definitive guide to help them write test questions in a more effective way.

Gist Of My Experience

In this eBook, I share my experience in creating successful exams over +20 years. It is the comprehensive guide that I wish someone would have shared with me when I first started to make classroom tests for my students.

After Reading This Guide, Teachers Will Be Able To:

  • Establish the technical quality of a test by achieving certain standards.
  • Use and develop effective test items following appropriate guidelines.
  • Avoid common pitfalls in testing their students.
  • Grade essay tests more effectively and fairly.

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