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Teaching Reading Comprehension To ESL/EFL Learners

guide to teaching reading comprehension

Reading Comprehension To ESL/EFL Learners

If you want to know how to teach reading comprehension to ESL/EFL learners and want practical tips to follow in the classroom, you can get this eBook.

It includes many benefits especially for ESL/EFL teachers who search for practical steps that engage their students in reading and produce positive results.

The Main Ideas Tackled In This eBook Are:

  • The nature of reading comprehension.
  • What should you do before starting a reading lesson?
  • Reading comprehension strategies and activities.
  • The way to work with a reading text.
  • Planning a reading lesson (with a model reading lesson plan).
  • How to develop your students’ reading comprehension so that they will be efficient & advanced.

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By Mohamed Ramadan

Mohamed Ramadan, an ELT Supervisor for the Ministry of Education in Egypt. Former primary, preparatory and secondary EFL teacher for 25 years. I'm also a teacher trainer helping EFL teachers to teach English effectively and inspiring them to be creative in their career.

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