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Redefining Your TEFL Using Brain-Based Learning

Alone In A Room Imagine that you are alone in a room with nothing to do.  No cell phone, no book to read or TV to watch, no other people to talk to. Just you and your thoughts for 15 minutes. How will you feel? How much can your brain tolerate? How long can you endure this […]

Teaching English to Young Learners

The Ultimate Guide To Using Good Stories In Teaching English To Young Learners

Why Are Storybooks Widely Used in TEYL? In Teaching English to Young Learners (TEYL), most teachers use storybooks for a number of purposes, e.g. pleasure, fun, learning how to read, and language learning. When Will Storybooks Be of Special Value in TEYL? Not all storybooks are good for language learning. So, it is imperative that […]

Teaching Online

Teacher’s Online Resource Guide

What’s Good For Teachers Staying at Home? Basically, I was thinking about a lot of teachers of English who are staying at home and trying to learn and develop professionally. I thought it would be good if I collect links to valuable online resources for them so that they can continue learning and developing.     […]

Classroom Management

The Quick Guide To Classroom Management

Classroom Is More Important For Novice Teachers In most training courses for EFL teachers, Classroom management receives little attention when compared with more general aspects of the methodology. Research shows that classroom management is more important than subject knowledge, especially for novice teachers. As a teacher, if you cannot have control over your classroom, you […]

Active Learning

Getting Students Engaged In EFL Classes

Why Is Active Learning Encouraged? Many teachers think that students learn while listening to their explanations in the classroom. Students may store new information for a short time. But they will not store this information in the long-term memory until they do something with it. Within this context, I encourage all teachers to implement active […]